Wondering if families like Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry?

See what you think.  The Pantry asks families to take a brief survey now and then.  A sampling response from their last survey is as follows:

  • The staff is always courteous and kind, providing a service I really need, and they treat me with kindness. 
  • The food is so helpful to my family.  I just can’t say enough about how wonderful the staff is.
  • They help my family out.  Plus, the people who work here are very sweet.
  • Everyone is respectful of others.
  • I like the friendliness of people — and the food!
  • We get our food early and I have enough to get by!
  • I like your being here when I need you.  I love what you are doing.
  • They all are very nice and can help in every way.  They always have a smile and friendly way about them.
  • You do a great job.  Thank you for everything you have given me over the years.
  • Thank you all for your help and caring!
  • If it wasn’t for Our Lady’s Pantry, we wouldn’t be able to survive.
  • Anita is great!

“It really is like a big extended family here,” says Anita Bullaro, co-director of the Pantry with her husband Tom.   “Families bring us big smiles.  Some bring us flowers.  Some bring us hugs.  One gentleman brings his guitar and serenades us.  And one client brought us a letter he had written, for which we are so thankful, and which we have framed.  This is the letter:

“To my friends here:
I may not know you by name, but I have met your heart. You were there when I needed you. Thank you.
  I am happy to tell you that I am back on my own feet again, and this will be my last visit.”

“Tom and I are grateful for this opportunity to provide some food relief for our neighbors, who are trying to get by with insufficient money for groceries,” says Bullaro.  “By providing nutritious fruits and vegetables, and some source of protein, we hope to contribute to the health of our friends.  We also wish to give them hope and some peace of mind that we are looking after them.

“And this is just a reminder:  If ever you are running short of food, be sure to stop in to see us some Saturday morning between 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.  We look forward to meeting you.