What do people like about Our Lady's Pantry?

“Everything!” said one of the Pantry's clients, in a survey collected one recent Saturday morning.

Anita Bullaro, co-director of the Pantry with her husband Tom, was all smiles as she leafed through the pile of surveys.

“Being able to provide big boxes of groceries week after week can only happen through the financial and hands-on support of so many people,” she says. “Tom and I are overwhelmed that the food, indeed, makes such a difference to our families.”

The following are a handful of the comments from families about food:

  • I love the amount of food we get.
  • I love the variety of food — and the friendly people.
  • Our family would miss meals without the food we receive from the Pantry.  We have no money to buy food.
  • Coming here makes my morning.  I am grateful for everybody.

“But what may be just as important to me and Tom is that, while our families appreciate the quality and quantity of food they receive, they are always commenting on how nice everyone is.”

Check out some of these comments:

  • We have been coming here for six years and are always!!! treated with respect.
  • I love the people here.
  • Everyone is very nice and respectful
  • Coming here makes my morning.  I am grateful for everybody.

In other words,” says Anita, “Our Lady's Pantry is a user-friendly resource for food. If you are skimping on buying nutritious food for yourself and your loved ones in order to pay your bills, please come see us some Saturday morning between 7:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. We promise you will be greeted with a smile.

Our Lady's Pantry is located in the classroom building on the far right-hand corner of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Migrant Mission on U.S. Highway 301 South — across from Aldi's. To learn more about the Pantry, please visit us at: www.OurLadysPantry.com.

“We look forward to meeting you one day,” says Anita. “Just ask for me when you come.”