Thanks to the Knights of Columbus for 20 years of dedication to Project Hunger!

Twenty years ago, in December 1999, Our Lady's Pantry was born.  At that time, the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic philanthropic organization) made it possible to provide big bags of groceries to about 25-30 families a week. Dedicated to providing charitable services to their community, the Knights have dedicated thousands of hours to the Pantry since then.  They did this through Project Hunger donations at Our Lady of Guadalupe and Prince of Peace the first weekend of each month.

Today, more than 1,800 clients are registered at Our Lady's Pantry, and the Knights are continuing to accept donations before Mass the first week of the month.

“These monthly donations are a Godsend — literally sustaining us,” says Tom Bullaro, director of the Pantry.  “The balance of our monies for food comes from donations of individuals and groups throughout the community.

“We want everyone to know that every penny you donate for food is used for that purpose.  Last year, in fact, we spent a stunning $61,348.40 for food for our families.

“The generosity of our donors has literally put food on the tables of countless neighbors who are not always sure about the source of their next meal. Without your help, and the tireless efforts of the Knights — year after year — we would not be able to serve our community as we do at this time.

“We also thank all our volunteers from all walks of life, who work at the Pantry,” he adds.  “May God bless you all."