Thanking Publix Charities once again for $3,000 gift!

Our Lady's Pantry has thrived for more than 22 years, thanks to ongoing donations for food, as well as several philanthropic organizations helping to meet our needs beyond the food itself.

“Publix Charities, for example, has been amazing in their support of our Pantry,” says director Tom Bullaro.  “Most recently, they gifted us with $3,000 to be used towards a fork lift.”

From the very beginning, the most laborious parts of running the Pantry has been the heavy work involved in unpacking our trucks when they come in loaded with food twice a week, Bullaro says.

Most boxes filled with food weigh in at 25 pounds and many are 35 pounds or more.  Some sacks of food weigh much the same.  Lifting these boxes is strenuous for even young volunteers.  Most of our long-term volunteers, however, are older seniors, age 75 on average, and many are over 80.  Well-meaning that our helpers are, the physical strength required is significant, so our working crew shrinks every week.

Group of men in front of fork lift and truck

“You cannot imagine the difference a fork lift is making, not only is reducing the labor, but in allowing us to complete our work much quicker than ever before.

“As ever, we thank Publix Charities for their continued support.”