Testimonials: Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry

“May God bless those who care for those who need food — and those who receive the food.”


"I felt compelled to write and thank you for the support, kindness, and dedication your food bank and Church provides for our community, and for my family.  And for that I wanted to extend a sincere and heart felt thank you!"


“We are blessed to have a place like this to help our family.  There are people who don't have anything. Project Hunger really helps.  This fills in the gap.”


“Everyone is very nice and we are treated with respect.”    


“Thank you for putting out chairs for us when we are waiting in line.”


“Coming here makes my morning.  I am grateful for everybody.”


“We have been coming here for six years and are always!!! treated with respect.”


“The fellowship between the volunteers and Pantry clients is amazing!”


“This is my first time here and so far it has been lovely!”


“I love everything about Our Lady's Pantry.”


"The people are so friendly.”


“I love that the Church cares that all have food — not just Church members.  I am very grateful.”


“I love the huge amounts of food we receive.”


“I always have food on the table.”


“The people are friendly, kind, compassionate, and respectful.”



“Everyone is always courteous; the food is always good.”


“I love the commitment, dedication, and respect of the Pantry.”


“Everything is great — the variety of food and the people.”


“You are the best already!”


“I am always treated with respect.”


“I appreciate the quality and quantity of food.”


“I love the people here.”


“The people are so nice.”


“Our family would miss meals without the food we receive from the Pantry.  We have no money to buy food.”


"I love the amount of food we get.”


“I like the politeness of the people.”


“The boxes we receive have helped a lot in my putting food on our table.”


“I love to come here.”


“I have been coming here for more than four years.  The generous boxes of food have greatly helped me putting meals on our table.  I love the friendly people, too."


“The vegetables and meat are wonderful.  The food is much needed and I am thankful.”



Volunteers always appreciated. Can you help?

Just visit us at Our Lady's Pantry any Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday morning and ask for Anita or Tom.

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