Pantry looking for volunteers with business or mechanical background

Over the past 25 years, Our Lady’s Pantry has grown exponentially into what is now a big business. But, still, the Pantry is an all-volunteer charity, consumed by the laborious procedures and reports of any big business.

“We are hoping to identify volunteers comfortable with the latest technology, who can work alongside our managers,” says director Tom Bullaro.  "Learn what each person does and serve as backup, lending a hand when needed.

"Can you help in any of these areas?” he asks.

  • Diesel mechanics to serve in an advisory capacity, helping to keep our trucks on the road every week.
  • Technical and administrative work.
  • Computer specialists.  Proficient in Excel, WordPress, Pages.
  • Grant writers to raise money for food and other necessities.
  • Journalists to write pantry stories for our Web site and newspapers.

"If you wish more information, you can call me at: (813) 741-2000,” says Bullaro.  "Leave a message and I will call you back.  And thank you."