Pantry celebrates 90th birthday of a volunteer! Never too late to make a difference

“Our Lady’s Pantry is a perfect example of neighbors of all ages coming together to care for one another,” says director Tom Bullaro.  “And this week, we celebrate Nancy Lang’s 90th birthday!”

Two women celebrating a happy birthday with cake

Nancy celebrating her 90th birthday at Our Lady's Pantry with her daughter Gail

Nancy says that volunteering brings her peace of mind as she reflects on what was accomplished that day.

“I am always looking for those who need help,” she says.  “One such local need is Our Lady’s Food Pantry, Guadalupe Mission, located in Wimauma on U.S. 301 South, just south of Rt. 674, across from Aldi’s.  I encourage seniors to join me and others.”

According to Nancy, men and women are needed to fulfill the Pantry’s goal of fighting hunger.  She encourages readers to come help on Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday mornings.

“Just ask for me, if you come.  I may be working that day.  Your reward is making new friends,” she says, adding that age is not relevant.  “Do not wait until you turn ninety!

“My motto is, ‘Do for others what they cannot do for themselves.’”

“Nancy is amazing,” says Bullaro.  “She has been working here since early 2020, doing everything from filling bags and boxes with food, to stocking shelves with can goods, and doing anything else that we ask her to do.  Ninety years young just goes to prove you are never too young to volunteer at Our Lady’s Pantry.”