Our Lady’s Pantry receives gift of $12,500 from Christina’s Smile!

Most of the support for Our Lady’s Pantry comes from local individuals and groups, who know about the Pantry’s mission to help alleviate hunger among our neighbors, says director Tom Bullaro.

“We occasionally write grants for food to groups beyond Florida, however,” he says.  “One day we wrote to Christina’s Smile, a non-profit based in Texas.

“The most amazing thing happened afterwards.

“I got a call from Diane Garza,” he says.  “Diane is the executive director of this charity.  She asked if we could use more money than the $1,000 we requested.  I couldn’t believe it.

“In fact, Christina’s Smile gifted us a stunning $12,500!”

Christina’s Smile is dedicated to providing free dental services to poor children throughout the country.  According to Diane, their charity feels blessed that they are able to help families in need in other ways as well.

“2020 has been a devastating year for many,” Diane said to Bullaro.  “With your Pantry’s continued dedication to its patrons, we are happy to be able to support your endeavors.”

“Compassion is being moved to respond to someone in need with hope and love,” Bullaro says.  “It is an opportunity in every crisis.  Christina’s Smile certain responded to the needs of those enduring untold hardship this past year with COVID.  We are so thankful to Diane and Christina’s Smile for keeping our shelves filled with food for our families.”

Christina’s Smile is a non-profit charity started by Diane’s husband, Dr. Richard Garza, a dentist practicing in Austin, Texas in 1989.  When he saw the challenges facing low income families to access dental care, he created this non-profit.  With the help of dental professionals throughout the country, thousands of children have received free, comprehensive dental care in the past three decades, which otherwise would have been difficult or impossible without Christina’s Smile.  When Dr. Garza passed away in 2013, Diane became executive director.  

 To learn more about Christina’s Smile, please go to:  http://csmile.com