Our Lady’s Pantry receives $1,100 gift from Publix Charities!

“Publix Super Market Charities has been helping to support our Pantry for many years,” says director, Tom Bullaro.  “In addition to providing us with food for our families week after week, they have helped us in countless ways behind the scenes.

“This year, for example, Publix donation of $1,100 is paying for the scale we need to weigh our donations from supermarkets,” says Bullaro.  “After weighing these donations of food, we key the weight into our computer and markets get a tax credit for their donation..”

Yellow fork lift loading big banana boxes of food onto big scale to get weight.

In recent years, Publix has provided conveyor rollers for helping volunteers move tons of food each week.  They have provided shelving for food.  They contributed towards our first refrigerated truck some years ago, and our new refrigerated truck more recently.  And more.

“Thanks again, Publix, for everything you have done to help us to keep our doors open for more than 20 years.,” says Bullaro.