Our Lady's Pantry receives $10,000 from The Interfaith Council!

“The Interfaith Council is among Our Lady's Pantry's best friends,” says Tom Bullaro.  Bullaro, who is director of the Pantry, says this group has been instrumental in helping the Pantry thrive for an amazing 20 years now.

“Year after year, they have supported our efforts to serve our neighbors, who have fallen on hard times.  This year's gift of $10,000 for food will make a huge difference to the less fortunate among us.”

Woman hold card saying "Interfaith Council grant recipient." Two couples in back representing the food pantry.

Jan Heumen from the Interfaith Council (center) has presented their $10,000 check to Anita, Tom, Nancy, and Dan.

According to Bullaro, the Interfaith Council traces its beginnings to the early 1970s when three houses of worship had the idea to somehow raise funds to enrich the lives of local residents.  Thus, the Nearly New Shop was born.

Almost half a century later, the Interfaith Council has grown to nine houses of worship.  And proceeds from the Nearly New Shop have gifted a stunning $4 million back to the community in one way or another.

“If ever you have donated to the Nearly New Shop, or purchased something from them, you have enabled this gift we have received today,” says Bullaro.

“We thank each of you for this gift.

Bullaro says Our Lady's Pantry spent just over $61,000 for food for our neighbors this past year.   Almost all of that money came from countless small donations from this caring community.

“This $10,000 check represents our sole big donation for food this year, empowering our service to our poor.

“People get hungry every day.  It gives us much peace of mind to know we will have the means to purchase literally tons of nutritious food for our neighbors, as our food supply dwindles down.  Thank you all again!”