Our Lady's Pantry needs your help

Our Lady’s Pantry is a busy place, especially on Tuesday and Friday mornings, when the Pantry's three trucks are coming and going all morning, picking up food from all over the county.

“Our drivers bring in about 34,000 pounds of food every week!” says director Tom Bullaro.  “That’s 17 tons!  It takes many hands to unload these trucks and store the food safely until Saturday when we give it away.

“We don’t have the help we need — especially working outdoors in this hot weather.

“Can you lend a hand for even a couple of hours every week?

Bullaro says the situation is reversed on Saturday, with almost 300 clients coming to our drive-through Pantry for food for themselves and family.

“We especially need help outdoors on Saturday,” Bullaro says.

“Please can you come?  Come when you can and leave when you must.  Ask for me or Kim when you come.

“And thanks!”

Our Lady’s Pantry is located on the far right-hand corner of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Migrant Mission at: 16650 U.S. Highway 301 South; Wimauma.  This is across 301 from Aldi’s.  To learn more about our Pantry, please visit us at:  https://www.ourladyspantry.com