Our Lady's Pantry needs a second refrigerated truck.

Both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Feeding Tampa Bay require that any fresh and frozen foods transported from one place to another be refrigerated during their time in the truck.  Especially given the consistent high temperatures in Florida, the heat inside our truck builds up considerably.  In fact, we are receiving more fresh and frozen foods than ever before.

“A single refrigerated truck has long been insufficient to meet our needs,” says director Tom Bullaro.   “We are looking for a used refrigerator truck valued at about $30,000 to replace our old box truck.

According to Bullaro, the Pantry never uses donations to the Pantry for anything other than food.  Some philanthropic groups, however, prefer to fund items other than food that a non-profit needs to function safely and efficiently.

“We are hopeful of raising monies for this truck by writing grants,” says Bullaro.

“Can you help?” he asks.

Experience writing grants is unnecessary, because most grant applications simply ask questions, requiring only that you fill in the blanks.  Those of us who already write grants will be pleased to share all the current information you need to complete the application.

“If you are willing to consider writing a grant, please contact me at: tom@ourladyspantry.com,” says Bullaro.

“And thanks so much.”