Pantry help desperately needed on Tuesday and Friday mornings

“We especially need men who can lift these heavy boxes of food,” says Tom Bullaro, director of Our Lady's Pantry.

“While our trucks are on the road picking up food almost every day of the week, our biggest collections are on Tuesday and Friday,” he says.  “It takes many hands to unload the trucks and sort through everything we receive.  Once everything is sorted, we need to store it safely in our cooler, freezer, or shelves until Saturday when we pass the food onto our neighbors.

“If you can share even an hour or two on those mornings, we appreciate this effort.”

Bullaro says that occasionally, various clubs or groups stop by to lend a hand, so we may have lots of hands on deck on any given day.  Recently, for example, the SCC Women’s Club was here with more than a dozen helpers.  And folks from LLBean outlet gave us a day as well.  But these are only one-day gifts.

“If you come on a day when we have lots of help, please know that this is unusual.  Every week is different.  Even our regular helpers miss a day now and then because of illness or conflicts of one kind or another, so some weeks we really struggle to do everything that needs to be done to serve those in need.

“So please come again.

“And thanks!”