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According to Anita Bullaro, who works at Our Lady's Pantry with her husband Tom, families appreciate our help more than we may realize — even the youngest people in the family.

"A while back, one of the moms came up to me and said, 'My five-year old son wants to know if he can give you a hug?'  And I said, 'Sure!' So then he came running over and he gave me the BIGGEST bear hug ever!  And he still gives me a big hug every other week, when they come in.  He runs over to me and grabs me and hugs me so hard.

"It's heaven!  It's stuff like that that keeps me going . . . ."

In fact, Anita says that Our Lady's Pantry received an especially nice thank you note from a client recently.

It reads as follows:

“To my friends here:
I may not know you by name, but I have met your heart.
You were there when I needed you.  Thank you.
I am happy to tell you that I am back on my own feet again, and this will be my last visit."

Volunteers always appreciated. Can you help?

Just visit us at Our Lady's Pantry any Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday morning and ask for Anita or Tom.

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