Looking for a way to meet new friends?

Come join our Pantry family and lend a hand.  New volunteers are always welcome.

Five men and women volunteers behind boxes filled with food to distribute. More boxes stacked to the ceiling in the back.

Ron, Wendie, Murphy, Helen, and Paddy at the Pantry one Saturday.

We work on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings.  We especially need helpers on Tuesday and Friday mornings to sort the groceries we receive from Feeding Tampa Bay -- our regional food bank.  Our truck typically comes in between about 8:30 a.m.-9 a.m.  If you could give a couple of hours to help in this effort, that would be grand.

Please ask for Tom or Anita, if you come.  We look forward to meeting you one day.  www.OurLadysPantry.com