Kings Point hosts drive-through food drive for Our Lady’s Pantry!

The North Campus of Kings Point is typically a happening place, with folks coming and going to the North Club, the pool, or the gym all day long.  But on the first Tuesday of February, things were really hopping!

Jen’s Market was open alongside the pickle-ball court, as usual for the first Tuesday of the month.  Then, thanks to an invitation from Matthew Permuth, manager, Vesta Property Services, Our Lady’s Pantry brought its truck into the back parking lot for a drive-through food drive.

“Thanks to the generous residents of Kings Point, the food drive was a huge success,” says director Tom Bullaro.  “We collected a stunning 148 big banana boxes of food at an estimated 3,700 pounds of food.  We also received unexpected monetary donations of $330!

Man holding up a bag that he listed from a pickup truck. The truck filled with donations of food from a food drive.

Dan -- hauling the first load of food collected at the food drive back to Our Lady's Pantry

“This was our first food drive at Kings Point and we hope to be invited again,” says Bullaro.  “We are especially appreciative of the support of Vesta, not only for preparing the signs to advertise the upcoming food drive, but also the signs in the street safely directing traffic to our truck.

“Beyond these courtesies, we appreciate the enthusiastic welcome of Mabel Corcuera, also of Vesta Property Services, who helped us set up safely.  In addition, Mabel worked side-by-side with us, accepting bags of food from cars and golf carts driving through all day long.”

Photo op from food drive. Boxes on ground, volunteers standing behind truck for Our Lady's Pantry

Drive-thru food drive at Kings Point. Helpers (fr. L. to R.)  Rhonda, Geri, Dan, Karen, and Mabel with Lisa inside the truck.

According to Bullaro, this food drive was made possible thanks to many helpers, including Karen, Rhonda, Geri, Lisa, Mike, Joe, Doug, and Dan, who worked together to do everything that needed to be done.

“This drive would not have been successful without your help,” he says.  “Thank you.”