Just Thanks

Anita and Tom Bullaro, co-directors of Our Lady's Pantry, wish to thank you all for your generous donations throughout the holiday season.

Man and woman in blue shirts in front of boxes of tomatoes to be distributed.

Tom and Anita greeting families before opening one Saturday morning.

“We received a stunning $10,000 during the month of December,” says Tom.  “This is exceptional and all our volunteers thank you for your sacrifices that made these donations possible.

"We thank all those, too, who purchased groceries from Sav-A-Lot during November and December to be shared among our neighbors.  All of these donations — whether in cash or in food — helped to make the holidays a little easier for families struggling to make ends meet during the holiday season.

“These gifts are a tribute to the spirit of generosity in this community,” says Tom.  “The poor, of course, must eat every day.  We thank you in advance for any help you can provide throughout the year.”