It takes a village . . .

‘It takes a village' is a phrase familiar to many of us.  “It certainly is true when it comes to caring for our poor,” says Anita Bullaro.  Bullaro, who is co-director of Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry, along with her husband Tom, points most recently to the musical afternoon held at the Community Center one Sunday.

“'A Taste of the Musical Season' was an afternoon of singing (and telling jokes) specifically scheduled to benefit the pantries in our community,” says Bullaro.  “The proceeds from ticket sales, along with the donation of non-perishable groceries that individuals brought, were divided among five local pantries.

According to Bullaro, Our Lady's Pantry received 200 pounds of groceries and a check for $300.  Given that each dollar can purchase about five pounds of food from Feeding Tampa Bay, our regional food bank, that $300 translates into about 1,500 pounds of food.  Together, that adds up to 1,700 pounds of food for families.

“It is wonderful to be able to stock our shelves like this, especially as we get closer to the holidays, when more families will be coming for food.” says Bullaro.

“We thank each of you for your support.”