Has Our Lady’s Pantry helped you during the pandemic?

2020 has been a year of unthinkable hardship for many men, women, and children.  Have you personally experienced some kind of trauma because of the coronavirus?  If yes, has Our Lady’s Pantry eased your anxiety about how to feed yourself and your family?

If you have suffered because of this virus, would you like to briefly share your story with our readers?  For example, were you ill or lost a loved one?  Unemployed or underemployed?  Compelled to close your business?  Forced to choose between basic needs like rent, healthcare, and preparing meals for your loved ones?

“Did it give you any peace of mind to know that the Pantry could give you some food to supplement whatever groceries you already had?” asks director Tom Bullaro?

“Was it helpful to have at least one less thing to worry about at this time?

“If you are willing to share your story, kindly send your comments to me at: Tom@ourladyspantry.com

“Be assured that your privacy is important to us, so we shall not use your name.”

If you do tell your story, we understand that you give us your permission to share your comments in future stories on our Web Site (https://www.ourladyspantry.com) or in a news story to The Observer, The Sun City Center News, and/or Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission Bulletin.  Again, all comments will be anonymous.  We shall not use your name.

“Thank you very much,” says Bullaro.  “The many donors, who made it possible for the Pantry to stay open this year, will be happy to know their sacrifices made a difference to you."