Food donations to the Pantry

Families heading North for the summer often ask if they can bring leftover groceries to Our Lady's Pantry, rather than haul them back North, taking up space in the car.

The answer is, “Absolutely, yes,” says Anita Bullaro, co-director of the Pantry, along with her husband Tom.

“We welcome any non-perishable, non-expired nutritious food for our families,” Bullaro says.

“Please double check the expiration dates, however.  It's easy for food to get shoved into the back of a kitchen cabinet, where it can be forgotten and lose its safe shelf life.

“Some of the donations we receive expired years ago,” she says, “We cannot give them to our families.

 Box of canned goods including tuna, yams, spam, and boxed mashed potatoes.

A half full box of food. More non-perishables will be added, as well as bread, frozen meat, and fresh produce.

If you have groceries you wish to share, kindly bring them to the Pantry on Tuesday or Friday mornings between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m., if at all possible.  Volunteers will sort them and stack them on our shelves, so they will be ready to distribute on Saturday when our families come.

“Thanks in advance for any of your donations,” says Bullaro.

For more information about Our Lady's Pantry, kindly visit us at: