Christina’s Smile donates $25,000 to Our Lady’s Pantry for food!

Albert Einstein once said that “Man can find meaning in life only through devoting himself to society.”

“For the second time in little more than a year, Christina’s Smile has gifted Our Lady’s Pantry with a substantial donation,” says Pantry director Tom Bullaro.

“Last Fall, they gave us $12,500 for food, to help us keep our doors open during the pandemic.  We were able to survive, and even thrive, thanks to the generosity of Christina’s Smile and the kindness of others,” says Bullaro.

“Just now Diane Garza, executive director of Christina’s Smile, sent us a stunning $25,000 to help continue their food support among our neighbors.”

To learn more about Christina’s Smile, please go to:  Be sure to view the videos online, including those narrated by Dr. Richard Garza, who started this program decades ago in Texas to benefit underprivileged children throughout the country.

“We are so appreciative of Christina’s Smile for their care of us,” says Bullaro.