Thanking Publix Charities once again for $3,000 gift!

in 2022

Our Lady's Pantry has thrived for more than 22 years, thanks to ongoing donations for food, as well as several philanthropic organizations helping to meet our needs beyond the food itself. “Publix ... Read More

Our Lady’s Pantry thanks Tomiak Foundation again!

in 2022

Dr. Arthur and Susan Bailyn surprised a group of Pantry volunteers one Saturday morning recently when they arrived with an unsolicited donation of $2,500 given by the Tomiak Foundation. “This is ... Read More

The friendliest food pantry ever

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Most of the volunteers, who work at Our Lady’s Pantry, work behind the scenes.  They drive our trucks during the week, then unpack the food, storing it in the freezer, cooler, or on shelves.  Then... Read More

Men volunteers are desperately needed at Our Lady’s Pantry!

in 2022

Our Lady’s Pantry is busier than ever with 266 clients coming for food this week!  Serving all these clients with our limited number of senior volunteers is almost beyond what we can manage. Please... Read More

Donations are down at Our Lady’s Pantry. Can you help?

in 2022

As everyone has already noticed, the cost of food — and gas — have been soaring. “These increases affect the Pantry, too,” says Tom Bullaro. Bullaro, who is director of the Pantry says “We ... Read More

Military families keep on serving

in 2022

“Volunteers to Our Lady’s Pantry come from throughout the County and from all walks of life,” says Tom Bullaro, co-director of the Pantry with his wife Anita. “Many of our volunteers, in fact,... Read More

Volunteers Needed Outside At Our Lady Of Guadalupe Food Pantry — Veterans Helping Veterans

in 2022

"We desperately need volunteers outside on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday mornings," says Pantry director Tom Bullaro. According to Bullaro, our snowbirds have gone back North, leaving us with only a ... Read More

Our Lady’s Pantry receives $10,000 gift from the Interfaith Council for food!

in 2022

“The Interfaith Social Action Council (ISAC) has supported our Pantry for many years,” says director Tom Bullaro. “And now, once again, they have given us this generous check for $10,000.  As ... Read More

Food drive yields lots of food for Our Lady’s Pantry!

in 2022

Once again, Our Lady’s Pantry has been the beneficiary of a food drive organized by the Sun City Center Women’s Club.  The food drive was held on April 14 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. ... Read More

Our Lady’s Pantry working closely with Operation Veterans Connect to better serve our vets.

in 2022

Our Lady’s Pantry has been open for 22 years to help fight hunger among our neighbors, according to Tom Bullaro. Bullaro, who is the co-director of Our Lady’s Pantry, along with his wife Anita, ... Read More