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According to Florida's Food Bank Network, food insecurity describes a household's inability to provide enough food for every person to live an active, healthy life. 

"We, at Our Lady's Pantry, hope to provide a selection of nourishing foods so our clients may be in good health," says Tom Bullaro, director of the Pantry.  "In good health, children can go to school, adults can go to work, and seniors can enjoy their lifestyle of choice for as long as they live.

"Importantly, we hope the food we share each week will nourish both body and soul, providing our clients with some level of hope and comfort that others very much care for them.  They are not alone."

If what we can provide is insufficient to meet your needs, you may wish to visit one of our neighboring food pantries (below).

The New Face of Hunger in America

According to National Geographic, millions of working Americans don't always know the source of their next meal.  To explore why one in six Americans are hungry in this land of plenty, they sent three photographers out to different locations in the country.  This is the story about The New Face of Hunger in America.

“Hunger is a curious thing:  At first it is with you all the time, working and sleeping, and in your dreams, and your belly cries out insistently, and there is a gnawing and a pain as if your very vitals were being devoured, and you must stop it at any cost . . .  Then the pain is no longer sharp, but dull, and this too is with you always.”

Kamala Markandaya*

Environmental Science
Third edition; G. Tyler Miller, Jr., P. 294.  




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