Our Lady's Pantry needs a second refrigerated truck.

in 2020

Both the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Feeding Tampa Bay require that any fresh and frozen foods transported from one place to another be refrigerated during their time in the truck.  Especially... Read More

Has Our Lady’s Pantry helped you during the pandemic?

in 2020

2020 has been a year of unthinkable hardship for many men, women, and children.  Have you personally experienced some kind of trauma because of the coronavirus?  If yes, has Our Lady’s Pantry ... Read More

Our Lady's Pantry receives huge donation from the Sun City Center Woman's Club!

in 2020

Jeanne Naish from the GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club is handing a donation of $1,176 to Anita and Tom Bullaro.  These monies were donated by a generous community at the recent food drive ... Read More

Urgent:  Strong men needed

in 2020

When:  Tuesdays and Fridays – From 8:30 a.m. Why:    To unpack food trucks. Where:  Our Lady’s Pantry. “We are desperate for more men to help unload our trucks when they come in from Feeding... Read More

The multiplication of the loaves and fishes — SCC style!

in 2020

“One reason Our Lady’s Pantry has been able to remain open throughout the Pandemic is because of the generosity of this community,” says director Tom Bullaro. “Most recently, we have been the ... Read More

News — Our Lady's Pantry

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Did you know Our Lady’s Pantry has a Web site?  You may wish to check it out for current news.  Then read something of our history, when you have time.  Our stories date all the way back to 2014 ... Read More

What the Next Door App — and committed volunteers — can achieve!

in 2020

Earlier this year, a Grandmother from Valencia Lakes had the idea to request food for Our Lady’s Pantry through her Next Door App.  She put a bucket on her driveway and was stunned by the immediate... Read More

A non-traditional Thanksgiving Food Drive

in 2020

According to Feeding Tampa Bay, low-income households are still feeling the hardship caused by the coronavirus, having to choose between basic needs like rent, mortgage, healthcare, and putting meals ... Read More

Thanking Publix Charities once again!

in 2020

Our Lady's Pantry has thrived for 20 years, thanks to ongoing donations for food from countless persons and groups with a passion for fighting hunger.  Much of what goes on behind the scenes, ... Read More

Wonder how many persons you helped through Our Lady's Pantry?

in 2020

Our Lady’s Pantry is among the smallest food pantries in this community.  Yet, an estimated 2,914 men, women, and children have enjoyed multiple meals last year from groceries received at our ... Read More